Broken bones (tail bones)

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It comes as a real surprise to many people that broken tail bones are something that happens to humans. A lot of people don’t know a tail bone even exists on the human skeleton. Called a coccyx, it’s a small bone located at the bottom end of the spinal column. It is actually composed of up to 5 small bones that are connected.

Broken tail bones can be extremely painful in some cases. Though some people are tempted to laugh at the thought of breaking a tiny human tail bone, the pain experienced is not funny at all. This is especially true when you try to sit down with a broken tail bone.

There are lots of reasons why broken tail bones can be fairly common. The bone breaks as a result of trauma, just like any other bone break. Tail bones are often broken as a result of injury sustained while participating in athletic or recreational sports like football or hockey. Broken tail bones are often the result of falling too. When you fall hard on your buttocks, the result can be broken tail bones. For example, people can break a tail bone in the winter when falling on icy driveways or on slippery steps. Any kind of direct blow to the bones, or any kind of strain placed on the bones, can result in broken bones.

First aid treatment for broken tail bones concentrates on making life bearable until the bone heals. When you have a broken tail bone, sitting can be very painful. Pressure applied to the tailbone area for any reason can cause increased pain. Some people get a donut shaped pillow to sit on so there’s no pressure on the bottom of the spine. There are also specially made pillows designed for broken tail bones that serve the same purpose as a donut pillow, but offer other comfort features too.

Other first aid treatments for broken tail bones include using ice packs to reduce swelling. If the pain is too bad, the doctor can prescribe a pain killer. You should try over the counter medications first though. There’s seldom a need for surgery. The tail bone will eventually heal, but it’s like any other bone in the body. It can take months for the bone to properly heal so it takes a lot of patience.

Broken tail bones are very seldom considered serious problems, but they can be very painful. First aid for broken tail bones concentrates on finding ways to relieve the pressure on the bones so the pain is minimized. The best cure for broken tail bones is lots of time.

An injured tailbone needs time to heal. A bruised tailbone may take several days to several weeks to completely heal. A fractured tailbone takes 4 to 6 weeks to heal. In either case, people sometimes have pain for a long time.
While your tailbone injury is healing it is very important to use a doughnut cushion when you are sitting. A doughnut cushion may be purchased at a medical supply house or you may use a child's swimming inner tube.

You should place an ice pack on your tailbone for 20 to 30 minutes every 3 to 4 hours for 2 to 3 days or until the pain goes away. Your health care provider may prescribe an anti-inflammatory or pain medicines.

It is important to avoid constipation while your tailbone is healing. Drink plenty of fluids and increase the amount of fiber in your diet.

In some contact sports such as american football or hockey, it is important to wear protective equipment to prevent tailbone injuries

Broken Bone Recovery Periods

Body Area
Recovery Time
1d6+3 weeks

1d6+5 weeks
3d6 weeks

2d4+1 weeks
Hand or Foot
1d4+3 weeks

1d4 weeks
2d4 weeks

2d6+3 weeks
4d6 weeks † The character must save versus system shock or suffer brain damage; a failed check results in a loss of Wisdom or Intelligence of 1 point. ‡ The character must save versus system shock or suffer permanent paralysis.

How to prevent muscle cramps?

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How to prevent muscle cramps?

Activity: Authorities recommend stretching before and after cramps that are caused by vigorous physical activity, along with an adequate warm-up and cool down. Good hydration before, during, and after the activity is important, especially if the duration exceeds one hour, and replacement of lost electrolytes (especially sodium and potassium, which are major components of perspiration) can also be helpful. Excessive fatigue, especially in warm weather, should be avoided.
Drinking water

1. 0.5 liters per hour for a 180-pound person several hours (three to four hours) prior to exercise.

2. Consuming beverages with sodium and/or small amounts of salted snacks or sodium-containing foods at meals will help to stimulate thirst and retain the consumed fluids.

During exercise:
1. Suggested starting points for marathon runners is 0.4 to 0.8 liters per hour, but again, it should be individualized based on body weight loss.

2. There should be no more than 10% carbohydrate in the beverage, and 7% has generally been considered close to optimal. Carbohydrate consumption is generally recommended only after one hour of exertion.


1. Drink approximately 0.5 liters of water for every pound of body weight lost.

2. Consuming beverages and snacks with sodium will help expedite rapid and complete recovery by stimulating thirst and fluid retention.

Stretching Before Play Games

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Stretching help to relieve stress as they get the blood flowing - improving circulation while adding flexibility and relieving muscle tension. Stretching exercises also stimulate receptors in the nervous system that decrease the production of stress hormones.

Stretching will increase the temperature of your muscles, making them more flexible and reducing the chance of injury. Five minutes of walking, dancing, riding a stationary bike should be enough

The most common form of stretching. The static stretch is held for 10 – 20 seconds. Static stretches are a safe way to improve flexibility. They are very relaxing. When stretching, do not bounce as this risks you tearing muscles. You should feel a slight pull, but never pain. Hold each stretch for 10 – 20 seconds. You should stretch each major muscle group: arms, legs, neck, shoulders, lower back, abs, and butt.

Stretching gets your body ready for more strenuous activities. Warm up exercises alone are beneficial for relieving stress, so even on the days where you are not up to a more strenuous routine, you can just do your warm-ups.

A simple walk around the block or warming up indoors using a stationary bike or treadmill, followed by a few minutes of easy stretches is enough to increase blood flow to the muscles – improving flexibility and preventing injury or soreness. Warming up also slowly increases your heart rate & breathing to ease your body into exercising.

If you are going for a run or even a brisk walk you should start with a slow walk around the block, come back home and stretch all your muscles, not just the muscles you will be using when walking. Your body functions as a unit. Then you can go for a brisk walk, making sure that you end your walk or run with 5 minutes of walking, gradually slowing down your pace, and then a few more minutes of stretching.

Tips and preparation before games

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Pre Game Meals

Allow enough time for digestion. Eat the meal at least three hours before a Game.

Choose a meal that's high in starch. Starch is easy to digest and helps steady the levels of blood sugar. Oatmeal is a very good choice or toast with Honey on it.

Consume only moderate amounts of protein. Protein foods take longer to digest than starch. And high-protein meals may lead to increased urine production, which can add to dehydration.

Limit fats and oils. They take too long to digest.

Restrict sugary foods. Sweets can cause rapid energy swings in blood sugar levels and result in low blood sugar and less energy. No Candy or Soda

Avoid foods and drinks that contain caffeine. Caffeine stimulates the body to increase urine output, which can contribute to dehydration problems, and a full bladder can be very uncomfortable.

Watch out for foods that produce gas. Certain raw vegetables, fruits, or beans may cause problems for some young athletes. Be aware of the foods that cause you problems, and avoid them just before a Game.

Within these guidelines, chose foods you like to eat.

Remember to drink plenty of fluids. Water is the Best!

Bring a water bottle you can put on the net and drink water during game breaks

Pre Game Stretching:

If possible you need to arrive 1 hour to 45 minutes before a game to give yourself time to warm up and stretch. Stretching before a game is very important! It is also important to warm muscles before you stretch. So if you can do a light jog around the Rink parking lot for about 5 to 8 minutes. If not run in place in the locker room. Then Stretch all important muscle groups (See Below) and then get dressed.

Stretching Exercises:

When performing stretching exercises, you should hold your stretch at a point of easy tension (gentle tugging without pain) for about 10 - 20 seconds. Do NOT bounce. Before doing these stretches, you should limber up the whole body by jogging in place, twisting, reaching, lifting your legs, and walking around for 3 to 5 minutes to get the blood flowing, loosen joints, and warm up the temperature of the muscles. If you have enough time, and you're on the ice, skate a lap or two before doing your stretches.

Mental Preparation:

Part of getting ready for a game is getting mentally ready. After you have finished you′re stretching and while you are getting dressed try to visualize yourself making saves and always see yourself being successful. If you feel nervous take very deep breaths.

How to Prevent Injuries in Sports

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Following are some general rules for injury prevention no matter what sport you play. While it is impossible to prevent every injury, research suggests that injury rates could be reduced by 25% if athletes took appropriate preventative action, including:
1. Be in proper physical condition to play a sport.
Keep in mind the weekend warrior has a high rate of injury. If you play any sports, you should adequately train for that sport. It is a mistake to expect the sport itself to get you into shape. Many injuries can be prevented by following a regular conditioning program of exercises designed specifically for your sport.
2. Know and abide by the rules of the sport.
The rules are designed, in part, to keep things safe. This is extremely important for anyone who participates in a contact sport. Rules of conduct, including illegal blocks and tackles are enforced to keep athletes healthy. Know them. Follow them.
3. Wear appropriate protective gear and equipment.
Protective pads, mouth guards, helmets, gloves and other equipment is not for sissies. Protective equipment that fits you well can safe your knees, hands, teeth, eyes, and head. Never play without your safety gear.
4. Rest.
Athletes with high consecutive days of training, have more injuries. While many athletes think the more they train, the better they'll play, this is a misconception. Rest is a critical component of proper training. Rest can make you stronger and prevent injuries of overuse, fatigue and poor judgement.
5. Always warm up before playing.
Warm muscles are less susceptible to injuries. The proper warm up is essential for injury prevention. Make sure your warm up suits your sport. You may simply start your sport slowly, or practice specific stretching or mental rehearsal depending upon your activity.
6. Avoid playing when very tired or in pain.
This is a set-up far a careless injury. Pain indicates a problem. You need to pay attention to warning signs your body provides.
Research provides us with helpful clues about the cause of sports injury. There are two factors that outweigh the rest when it comes to predicting a sports injury. They are:
• Having a history of injury. Previous injuries to a muscle, or joint tend to develop into chronic problem areas for many athletes. It is extremely important to warm up, and stretch previously injured parts.
• A high number of consecutive days of training. Recovery days reduce injury rates by giving muscles and connective tissues an opportunity to repair between training sessions

By Elizabeth Quinn,
Created: November 24, 2003


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Steven Gerrard has been ruled out of Liverpool's clash with Fulham at Anfield this saturday after failing to recover from a groin injury.

safety tips for football player

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Football is a beloved sport, but it can be one of the most dangerous sports if you are not properly prepared to play. It is important to take the extra precautions needed to guard yourself against serious injuries that can occur on the football field.


The first place to begin is gathering the proper equipment. Standard equipment for any football team includes: helmet, shoulder pads, hip pads, tail pads, knee pads, thigh guards, mouth guard with a keeper strap, athletic supporter, and proper shoes (rubber cleats are generally used, but check with your coach for regulations in your league). Also, if you wear eyeglasses, it would be wise to consider contact lenses or you will need to wear special glasses with a non-shattering lens. Have someone who is knowledgeable about football gear check your equipment to make sure that it fits correctly.

Health Issues

Pre-season physicals are required for a reason. During a physical exam, a doctor may be able to identify any health risks that the sport may pose for you. He may also find medical conditions to which you are unaware. In some cases, a physical will determine that playing football is too great a risk to a person’s overall health. Protecting your health is more important than a football game, so don’t skip this important step.

Practice Tips

Practice should be treated like any regular game. There should always be first aid available and all safety precautions should be used. Do not wear any kind of jewelry, including earrings, during practice or during games. They can be safety hazards. It is also very important to stay hydrated during practice. Take plenty of water breaks because dehydration can become a serious problem, especially in hot weather. Breaks should be taken every twenty minutes. Pushing yourself too hard in practice can lead to injuries that may last throughout the season. Give your best, but don’t overdo it.

Game-Day Tips

Don’t let the excitement and anticipation of the big game take your mind off of important safety issues or rules that should be followed. Always warm up and stretch before playing. It is not worth risking muscle injuries because you didn’t want to take a few minutes to stretch. Also, do not use any form of illegal blocking on the field or you will be endangering yourself and others. You should never pull a player down by grabbing their facemask or their knees. You should never use the top of your helmet to tackle another person nor should you try to block a player from behind. You should also never use helmet-to-helmet contact as you could be risking serious head and neck injuries. One of the most important rules to remember is to always report pain or injuries to a coach or trainer. Never try to play through the pain. If you do, you risk permanently acquiring what otherwise might have been a temporary condition. If your doctor recommends resting an injury, be sure to do so for the total amount of time prescribed. Do not go back to playing football too early.


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Saturday 22 November 2008 15:00

Rafa happy with Alonso performent

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Rafa Benitez believes Xabi Alonso is nearing his best form after his midfield masterclass helped Liverpool to a 2-0 victory over Bolton.
The Spanish ace won's man of the match for his performance at the Reebok as goals from Steven Gerrard and Dirk Kuyt saw the Reds leapfrog Chelsea at the top of the league. Asked if Alonso was playing his best football since arriving in England, Benitez replied: "Clearly he is playing well. "He played really well in his first year too. Okay, now he has more confidence and the players around him are maybe better too, like Gerrard and Javier Mascherano. "It makes it easier for a midfielder when they have good movements of people like Fernando Torres and Robbie Keane in front." Benitez knew it was vital for Liverpool to respond to their midweek Carling Cup exit and was happy with the performance of his team after making nine changes. He added: "We worked really hard and played really, really well in the first half. We were under pressure in the second because they were pushing and being more physical. But the question was to finish the game with a second goal and we did. "It could have been more but a 2-0 win away to Bolton, who have been doing well in the last two games, is good. "It's important for us and our fans. We were not very happy after losing in the Carling Cup but the team did well and we are really pleased to be top." The game was full of squandered opportunities for both sides, and Bolton had a goal disallowed for an apparent obstruction on Pepe Reina just before half-time. Benitez said: "There is a rule that says the six-yard box is for the 'keeper, so if you have three players around the 'keeper and he cannot get to the ball, it's obstruction and it's an indirect free-kick. It's very clear that these are the rules. "These are the international rules and I have said this since I arrived here."
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Liverpool tewaskan Bolton 2-0

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Liverpool meneruskan rentak kemenangan dalam persaingan liga perdana setelah menewaskan tuan rumah Bolton 2-0 hasil jaringan Dirk Kuyt dan ketua pasukan Steven Gerrard masing2 pada setiap separuh masa. Kekalahan dalam Carling Cup pada rabu lepas telah dilupakan oleh para pemain Liverpool yang berazam untuk memenangi Liga Perdana
Kuyt telah memain peranan penting sebagai penyerang utama menggantikan Fernando Torres yg masing mengalami kecederaan telah berjaya meletakkan pasukannya dihadapan hasil satu tandukan pada minit ke 28 hasil hantaran lintang Favio Aurelio telah mengembirakan penyoong Liverpool yang berada di Reebok stadium.
Liverpool terus mendominasi perlawanan pada separuh masa kedua dengan asakan2 ke kawasan Bolton bagaimana pun Bolton sekali sekala menyerang dan hampir menyamakan kedudukan menerusi Ricardo Gardner tapi malangnya beliau mensia2kan peluang tersebut. Pasukan Liverpool menamatkan sisa2 perjuangan Bolton hasil satu hantaran lintang oleh fernando torres telah ditanduk cantik oleh Gerrard meletakkan kemenangan yang ke sepuluh dalam liga dengan mengutip 32 mata sama dgn pendahulu liga Chelsea tapi dibezakan dengan jaringan gol

Pengurus Liverpool Rafael Banitez (Rafa) di pilih sebagai pengurus terbaik bulan oktober setelah berjaya meletakkan kelab bimbingannya Liverpool ditangga teratas selama seminggu hasil daripada dua kemenangan yg amat memeritkan setelah ketinggalan 0-2 kepada Manchester City di gelanggang lawan telah berjaya bangkit dalam separuh masa kedua dgn jaringan 3 gol membolehkan Liverpool menang 3-2 dan kemenangan jumlah gol yang sama ketika menewaskan kelab London, Wigan setelah dua kali ketinggalan dan juga telah berjaya memecahkan rekod tanpa kalah 86 perlawanan Chelsea di Stanford Bridge dengan kemenangan 1-0 hasil jaringan xavi alonso minit ke 9.

Kejayaan ini bukanlah kejayaan saya seorang, kata Rafa. Penglibatan pembantu2nya Sammy Lee, Mauricio Pellegrino, Xavi Valero dan Paco Di Miguel juga banyak membantu dalam segala aspek. Pemain2 juga banyak memainkan peranan dan merekalah watak utama kejayaan saya, kata Rafa lagi.

Kedudukan ditangga kedua di belakang Chelsea yg hanya dibezakan oleh jaringan gol adalah satu petanda yg baik untuk Liverpool merampas semual kejuaraan liga yang telah lama tidak dimenangi oleh Liverpool walaupun tanpa beberapa orang pemain utama yg mengalami kecederaan. Perjalan masih lagi jauh dengan banyak lagi perlawanan yang harus ditempuhi


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Liverpool have been knocked out of the Carling Cup after going down 4-2 against Tottenham Hotspur at White Hart Lane

Frazier Campbell and Roman Pavlyuchenko both scored twice for the north-London club, while Damien Plessis and Sami Hyypia found the net for the Reds.

It was an absorbing tie from start to finish, but Liverpool ultimately paid the price for some relaxed marking and unforced errors.

Aaron Lennon caused the Reds all sorts of problems in the opening exchanges and put a great ball in on three minutes, but it was too high to cause any real danger in the Reds penalty area.

Things continued in this vein for much of the first period and the Liverpool defence struggled to deal with the attacking threat of Jamie O'Hara and Aaron Lennon on the left and right flank respectively.

Roman Pavlyuchenko headed back across goal on the 15-minute mark from a dangerous O'Hara cross in search of Frazier Campbell, but Sami Hyppia managed to put himself in the way of the follow-up.

Harry Redknapp and his new assistant might have been disappointed not to get a penalty for the alleged handball form the Finnish international, but Rafa Benitez was also incensed by the incident and sprang from the dugout to bark orders at his players.

Then it was Daniel Agger's turn to put himself in the way of a Tottenham attack. The Great Dane put in a great block from a measured Aaron Lennon shot inside the Reds' penalty area on 21 minutes.

The ball fell to the unmarked Lennon from a whipped in but overhit Spurs cross and the wideman had time to pick his spot, but Agger got in the way to keep the scores at 0-0.

But Liverpool were being overrun in the midfield and it was only a matter of time until they were made to pay for the space they were affording the Spurs forwards.

Where Harry Redknapp's men had out and out clear chances during the first half, Liverpool couldn't put the killer touch on a succession of attacks and couldn't find a way to unlock the Spurs' rearguard.

Frazier Campbell jinked in down the left flank non 38 minutes to pull the ball back for an unmarked Roman Pavlyuchenko, who made no mistake from close range to put Spurs 1-0 up.

Campbell went from provider to scorer four minutes later and made it 2-0 after a comedy of errors in the Reds penalty area. A lofted ball from Michael Dawson led to Dossena charging into Cavalieri to leave Campbell with an empty net.

Campbell couldn't believe his luck and easily put the ball into an empty net despite a somewhat acute angle.

Liverpool's nightmare continued minutes later and Campbell got on the end of a Lennon cross to put Spurs 3-0 before the end of the half.

Three goals in eight first-half minutes and Liverpool looked out for the count, but they got a quick goal from the kick-off in the second half to give themselves a fighting chance.

Torres won a corner from the kick-off for Liverpool and, although the kick came to nothing, it proved to be the first sign of a new spring in the Reds' step.

The Spanish starlet was heavily involved again two minutes later and won the ball in midfield to set away Ryan Babel down the left flam

Damien Plessis rose to head home from the corner past Nuno Gomes, who was particularly suspect and should have really done better with it.

But Plessis wasn't complaining and the goal was all that Liverpool deserved after turning on the pressure for more than they had done for the whole of the first period.

Liverpool might have been looking for an Istanbul-like revival, but their hopes were dashed when Didier Zakora darted into the Liverpool box to find Pavyluchenko unmarked, who made sure he hit the target and made it four for Spurs via a deflection on 52 minutes.

Gareth Bale came close to making it five a minute later, but Lucas headed out for a Spurs corner.

But Spurs weren't finished yet and Campbell nearly completed his hat-trick from the corner kick when he headed inches wide of Cavalieri's goal.

After a tired Torres was withdrawn, Ngog played up front on his own with El Zhar supporting in behind him. Babel went onto the right flank, while Insua took up the left-wing berth.

The change added some spark to the proceedings and El Zhar took on half the Spurs defence in the 63rd minute before playing it over to Insua whose shot deflected over for another corner.

Corners proved to be our best form of attack during this match and we found the net again through a classic Sami Hyypia header on 63 minutes.

El Zhar was involved again to test the shaky Gomes, and the Brazilian fumbled again but collected second time around.

The Spurs stopper then came off worse from a clash with Philipp Degen on 68 minutes. The Swiss full-back cut in from the outside to go through on goal, but the Brazilian clattered into Degen and went down from the challenge.

It was just a 50-50 challenge between the pair and it proved to be the last part Gomes would play in the match. Cesar Sanchez was brought into that action to take his place after Gomes was stretchered off.

But Degen continued to press up the right and found himself in a great space again on 82 minutes.

Gareth Bale took down Degen in the area to spark penalty appeals from the travelling Kop, but referee Mike Riley waved play on.

But Degen was injured in the exchange and Stephen Darby came on to replace him.

It was very much a case of game on from that moment on and Lucas, Agger and Babel took up advanced positions.

An incredible nine minutes of stoppage time inspired Liverpool to go all out and reduce the arrears before the final whistle, but ultimately it wasn't to be and the Cup holders marched on to claim a quarter-final spot.

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Dirk Kuyt: Liverpool Player of the Month (Oct)

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Dutch forward Dirk Kuyt arrived on Merseyside in the summer of 2006 for a fee in the region of £10million.

Selfless and versatile on the pitch, he's undoubtedly one of the hardest working attackers in the game.

Kuyt was born in the small fishing village of Katwijk and joined his local amateur side Quick Boys at the age of five.

When he was 12 he was told to choose between being a footballer and a fisherman: he either joined his father at sea or pursued his dream of being a professional sportsman.

Thankfully, he chose the latter, and in the summer of 1998, after just six senior appearances for Quick Boys, the 18-year-old signed his first pro contract with Eredivisie team FC Utrecht.

The youngster played 30 times in his debut season, mostly on the wing. Still, he managed to bag himself six goals.

Kuyt's career followed a similar path until 2002-03 when Utrecht appointed Foeke Booy manager. Booy played him up front for the entire season - and was rewarded with 23 goals. One of these came in the Dutch Cup final victory over Feyenoord, in which the forward was named man of the match.

Their noses may have been out of joint, but Feyenoord liked what they saw, and in the summer of 2003 they signed Kuyt as a replacement for the out-going Pierre Van Hooijdonk.

He notched up an impressive 22 goals during his first season in Rotterdam, though this was just a taste of things to come. In the opening game of 2004-05, Kuyt scored a hat-trick against De Graafschap. By the end of the campaign his tally had reached 36 - making him the country's top scorer.

International recognition was inevitable, and the marksman made his Holland debut under new coach Marco van Basten against Liechtenstein in September 2004. He scored his first international goal nine days later in a World Cup qualifier against Macedonia.

Back at the De Kuip Stadium, the Blonde Bombshell had become a firm fans' favourite and was handed the club captaincy before the 2005-06 season. The campaign saw him net another 25 goals and reach an incredible tally of 179 consecutive appearances since 2001. No wonder a host of Premiership clubs were circling.

Next up was the World Cup in Germany where he made three appearances - though much of his pitch time was spent on the right wing.

Following months of uncertainty over his future, Kuyt signed for Liverpool on August 18, 2006. He left Feyenoord with a record of 83 goals in 122 appearances.

The new boy made his debut as a substitute against West Ham at Anfield on August 26. Although he didn't score, his all-action style ensured nods of appreciation from The Kop.

The following week he returned to Holland after being named Dutch Player of the Year. The presentation was made by his late dad Gerrit, who was suffering from cancer.

Kuyt's first Liverpool goal came against Newcastle United on September 20, 2006, and he'd net a further 13 in his debut season.

Again the Dutchman was proving a hit with the fans, not least for his habit of applauding all four stands after each game.

The 2006-07 campaign ended with the Champions League final. Kuyt scored the winning penalty in the semi-final triumph over Chelsea and was rewarded with a starting place against AC Milan. It was he who scored the Reds' late consolation in Athens.

One of the number 18's finest moments in a red shirt arrived in October 2007 with a penalty brace at Goodison Park as Liverpool clinched a dramatic last-minute win over their bitter rivals.

This came just months after the death of his father, a personal tragedy which, by his own admission, impacted upon his game.

However, by the end of 2007-08 Kuyt had returned to top form, with priceless goals against Marseille, Inter Milan and Arsenal helping the Reds reach another Champions League semi-final. Defeat to Chelsea followed despite another goal in the Anfield leg to take his tally for the season to 11.

Such exploits made it impossible for van Basten to leave the Liverpool man out of his Euro 2008 squad, and the forward featured in all four of his country's games until defeat to Russia.

Kuyt carries out extensive charity work off the pitch. Most notably, he and his wife Gertrude set up the Dirk Kuyt Foundation to help disadvantaged children in his homeland and the Third World. One of the ways the foundation raises money is by selling DK-branded clothes.

Jaringan pertama Robbie Keane

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Robbie Keane akhirnya telah berjaya menyumbangkan 2 gol untuk pasukannya Liverpool dalam perlawanan ke 10 Liga Perdana Inggeris menentang West Bromwick Albion manakala satu lagi gol telah dijaringkan oleg Arbeola pada minit terakhir perlawanan untuk melengkapkan kemenangan 3-0 Liverpool dengan 29 mata.

Keane yg telah dibawa masuk ke Liverpool pada awal musim ini dari pasukan Tottenham Hostpur untuk bergandingan dengan penjaring terbanyak Liverpool musim lepas Fernando Torres. Setelah kemarau jaringan dalam 9 perlawanan akhirnya gol2 yang dicari oleh Keane muncul pada minit ke 34 setelah menerima umpanan dari ketua pasukan Gerrard terus melakukan sati flik menewaskan bekas penjaga gol liverpool Scot Carson meletakkan Liverpool mendahului 1-0, 4 minit sebelum perlawanan tamat Keane sekali lagi menjaringkan satu lagi gol untuk Liverpool mendahului 2-0 sebelum tamat separuh masa pertama.
Pada minit ke 72 Keane telah dikeluarkan dengan memasukkan penyerang utama yg masih belum pulih sepenuhnya dari kecederaan Torres dan pasukan Liverpool telah memadamkan sisa2 perjuangan WBA pada minit2 terakhir menerusi pemain pertahanannya Arbeola sekali gus merupakan kemenangan ke 150 Rafa sepanjang memimpin pasukan Liverpool sebagai pengurus pasukan sejak mengambilalih daripada Gerald Houlier pada tahun 2005

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Steven Gerrard, Fernando Torres and Javier Mascherano are among the top 100 players in the world, according to Four Four Two.
The magazine reckons El Nino is the third best footballer on the planet behind Lionel Messi and first-placed Cristiano Ronaldo.

Gerrard is apparently 10th, while Mascherano makes it in at 35.

Some of the stranger selections include Iker Casillas at number four when Pepe Reina doesn't even make the top 100. Other goalkeepers chosen include Petr Cech and Arthur Boruc.

Xabi Alonso is also unlucky not to make the list considering fringe Spanish internationals Diego Capel and Santi Cazorla are there.

Here's the top 10:

1. Cristiano Ronaldo
2. Lionel Messi
3. Fernando Torres
4. Iker Casilles
5. Kaka
6. David Villa
7. Zlatan Ibrahimovic
8. Sergio Aguero
9. Rio Ferdinand
10. Steven Gerrard

English Premier League 2008/2009

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EPL atau BPL ketika ini hanya pernah dimenang oleh 3 pasukan sahaja dari kelompok big 4 dlm Liga Perdana English sejak ia diperkenalkan menggantikan Division 1 iaitu MU, Arsenal, Chelsea & Blackburn Cuma Liverpool sahaja yang belum pernah mengecapinya dgn hanya menjadi penonton sahaja ketika 4 kelab tersebut memenanginya sejak diperkenalkan pada tahun 1992. Pencapaian terbaik mereka hanya pada musim 2000/2001 ditangga kedua selebihnya ditangga ke 3,4 & 5. Adakah musim 2008/2009 ni musim terbaik untuk Liverpool memenangi piala tersebut buat kali pertama setelah pelbagai piala yg telah mereka julang. Pada ketika ini Liverpool sedang menghuni tangga teratas liga dan perjalanan boleh dikatakan masih jauh lagi. Liverpool dikatakan amat terdesak untuk memenanginya. Apakah peluang untuk Liverpool pada musim ini atau hanya sekadar menjadi penonton sahaja? berikut adalah rekod2 kejuaraan yg pernah dimenangi oleh Liverpool

League Champions
Liverpool 18
Man-United 15
Arsenal 13
Everton 9
Aston Villa 7

European Cup
Real Madrid 9
AC Milan 6
Liverpool 5
Ajax 4
Bayern Munich 4

FA Cup
Man-United 11
Arsenal 10
Spurs 8
Liverpool 7
Aston Villa 7
Newcastle 6
Blackburn 6

League Cup
Liverpool 7
Aston Villa 5
Notts Forest 4
Leicester 3
Spurs 3
Chelsea 3

Minyak oh minyak

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Hari ini harga minyak turun ke paras harga terendah dlm masa 8 bulan iaitu kira-kira USD62 setong akibat dari kemelesetan ekonomi yg melanda dunia ketika ini. Bilakah harga minyak di msia akan diturunkan, kalau ikutkan apa yg dimaklumkan oleh kerajaan harga minyak akan turun tak melebihi dari 15sen pada hujung bulan ini. kalau ikutkan kpd harga minyak dunia sepatutnya harga minyak harus di bawah rm2. antara faktor2 yg menyebabkan harga minyak tak dpt diturunkan bwh rm2 mungkin disebabkan oleh beberapa faktor antaranya untuk mengelakkan pengusaha stesen minyak dari menanggung kerugian dan juga kerajaan masih lagi memberi subsidi pertoleum sehingga 31 mac 2009.

Ketika harga minyak dlm lingkungan USD60-USD70 setong harga minyak dinegara ini RM1.92. Penurunan harga minyak dunia mungkin hanya bersifat sementara dan dijangka apa bila ekonomi dunia semakin pulih permintaan kpd sumber tenaga spt minyak akan meningkat kembali dan memungkinkan harga minyak akan naik semula. Jika harga minyak diturunkan pun harga barang tak akan turun tp sebaliknya jika harga minyak meningkat semula harga barang akan sama2 naik. Ini lah hakikat yg harus diterima oleh semua penduduk dunia dimana minyak adalah segala2nya dah amerika sanggup mengorbankan hampir 6000 tenteranya di iraq sbb minyak

Staff No 1 Skuadron, TUDM Kuching

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cuba korang cari dimanakan aku, kena gunakan kanta tu, hehehehehehe

Faktor BakaBaka
merupakan salah satu factor yang mudah untuk kita melihattahap inteleks kanak-kanak. Misalnya ibubapa yang berasal darikeluarga yang daya intelektualnya tinggi akan menurun pada anaknya.Tapi factor ini semata-mata juga tidak semestinya bijak dan pandai.Ini bergantung pada kebijaksanaan ibubapa mendidik anak mereka.

Faktor Kesihatan
Kesihatan penting bagi seseorang kanak-kanak untuk meningkatkandaya kreativiti dan intelektualnya. Tanpa kesihatan yang baik,anak-anak akan murung dan tidak cergas. Kesihatan penting untukmerangsang otaknya, ke arah pemikiran yang mantap dan cepatmempelajari apa yang diajarkan kepada anak.

Faktor Pemakanan
Makanan yang baik untuk anak-anak yang sedang sedang membesar ialahmakanan yang mengandungi zat dan vitamin. Anak-anak juga digalakkanmemakan buah-buahan dan sayur-sayuran. Pemakanan yang seimbangdapat mengawal pertumbuhan otak yang cergas dan sihat. Sebagaiseoarang muslim, ibubapa mestilah sedaya upaya memastikan setiapyang masuk kemulut anak-anak mestilah dijamin halalnya.

Sikap Ibubapa
Jelas di sini persekitaran memainkan peranan dalam meningkatnyaprestasi seseorang kanak-kanak. Persekitaran yang baik di siniialah wujudnya tempat belajar yang selesa, situasi keluarga yangharmoni dan masyarakat sekeliling anak-anak yang baik.

Kaedah Pembelajaran
Ibubapa mengaturkan satu keadaan yang tetap untuk anak-anak belajardengan betul, bermain dan berolahraga, bermain, rehat dan hiburanyang cukup untuk anak-anak . Aturan ini akan mengelakkan anak-anakmenjadi dari menjadi bosan dan terkongkong.

Galakan dan Minat
Galakan yang kuat datangnya dari ibubapa di samping minat yangtimbul dengan sendiri dari anak-anak itu, tumpuan sepenuhnya akandapat diberikan kepada rangsangan-rangsangan tertentu. Minatmerupakan perhatian yang berterusan dan cenderung untukmelakukannya terhadap pelajaran, ibubapa tidak akan menghadapimasalah yang berat dan rumit.

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pada tarikh 27 okt 2008 jam 1258H maka terciptalah blok aku yg dicipta secara tak sengaja ini, buat masa ni blog ni nmpk tak berapa menarik dah aku akan make up dari masa ke semasa supaya ia kelihatan lebih menarik lagi